driving to work

Facebook_1574689993349by Yael Morad14 Nov 2019

Driving to work
For so many years I was driving to work
At the same time, on the same road
So many things can happen in an hour
That I knew only after some time driving to work
During the years they joined me
And were a part of me
The thoughts
The planning
The dreams
A lot can happen in an hour
I can sail to a parallel world
In which I don’t have to work
I can be the manager and come late
I can plan a wedding
A birthday
A party
A funeral
I can dream of amazing trips around the world
And get lost
I can also think of sadness
A lot can happen in an hour, but
At the end
There is the final station
You get to work. Suddenly
I realized that I'm there
I have arrived.
But they are gone.