My favorite 15 minutes in a day

Facebook_1574689993349by Yael Morad05 Jan 2020

My favorite 15 minutes in a day
Between the deepest sleep
Deepest as the ocean
to waking up
There are fifteen precious stolen minutes
They belong to me
They are mine
Between black darkness
To moonlight shining bright
Exactly at that point
I own
My favorite long fifteen minutes
The air is ice cold, but
As fresh as nature can be
The waking birds' chirps
The car engines are having trouble waking up
exactly like me
The smell of the captivating coffee
Is intoxicating
As its owner
The street is coming to life
Now, there is no choice
But to
Enjoy these peacefully
Noiseless moments of silence
The beginning of a day
And to think about
The faraway moment
Of its sweetness' end