The Right Decision..?

Facebook_1574689993349by Yael Morad15 May 2020

Everyone knew David as a beloved father and husband. David and Mishel had three good looking and disciplined sons. David was known as a strict father who the most worth value for him was his family. The family sometimes felt abused by David, the curfew hours of the boys, and their nit and old clothes compared to other children at their age. We could occasionally hear his loud voice, and We knew that it would be David who was checking the boys' grades. That was the only reason he ever raised his voice. Overall, they were a friendly, civilized family, the boys did their best at school, and Mishel was a perfect housewife who volunteered when and wherever she could. David was the priest of our small town. David was lecturing every Sunday about the importance of the family and the power of truth. It was about three years ago, David, who never allowed himself even to think of anything besides his family and his mission as our priest, went to a conference for the whole two days. As soon as he felt far enough from the town, he took his collar off, opened his shirt, and breathed a sigh of relief. His life was too strict, and nit, David felt suffocated. On the surface, everything looked great; he was the beloved priest, an honest family man who leads his peaceful community. David had waited for this conference like breathing air. Lidia, Oh Lidia, the only woman he ever truly loved. She was there at the meeting waiting for him to come. It has been almost a year since the last time they met. Her David was the most cheerful, kind, and openminded person she ever knew. Lidia did not realize that while she is waiting for David to come for an intimate vacation with her, he conflicts and haunted by his divided nature. Who is David? Is he an ideal father, husband, or is he with the hypocritical role model for the townspeople? Maybe David is the extravagant Sharman, pleasing and smiling man who is in love with another woman? How can it be that everyone wondered after the story was revealed?
David was asking himself the same question for the last hour and a half, who am I? What am I going to do? For how many years am I about to live in a lie? So many questions disturbed David and made him feel sick. I cannot afford to continue this way, he said to himself; I must make up my mind before I get there.
At home, his wife was pleased with her husband's trip. "Finally," she thought, "some peace, no lectures or the serious look on his face." She was not aware of the option that maybe she would miss his speeches and the serious look on his face. His wife could not begin to imagine what is happening right now three hours away from her. David is almost there; he made up his mind. He lived in a lie for so many years, and it had to stop, and he knew that he would talk to Lidia as soon as he gets there. David made up his mind to do the right thing and only the right thing. You are probably guessing, but if you still do not know, let me clear your ears. Mishel is a happy woman these days with her husband and the children, and David is a happy man with Lidia and their children. Yes, love won!