Her forbidden Amore

Pz-avatarby Yasho_.27 Aug 2019

irresistible, signified eyes,
ye dropped in love with his baby blue, ye deemed he was Chinese
ye still yearn for his zest,
ye crave to catch his crazed conversations,
his goofy giggle,
ye want him.
ye loved him for he knew who he truly is,
for he understood what he desired in life.
ye chose him for keeping his true self bustling.
ou baptized in the guise of a night owl,
solely thus far overlooked.
ou continues to remain himself.
ou alienated by colleagues,
isolated in the call for a buddy.
unheeded by all, ou was aching
ou faked to act festive and solid
though ou was read by ye.
by ye who adore him.
troubled by ye to pacify him.
regrettably, ye succumbed,
ye adored him, merely unjust
for ye misplaced your zest,
for ou was unique,
ye didn't earn him
yet enclosed ou faked to act festive and solid