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once you are hurt it's not easy to put yourself back together

The fire within

Pz-avatarby Yasho_.27 Aug 2019

Deep down the calm, candidly flowing water,
a deadly fire escalates rapidly
Ablaze which doesn't seem to stop
Ablaze which cannot be seen from above

Once upon a time,
creatures who dove into this calm water.
safe it was they assumed.
As they dove in they enjoyed her beauty,
if in any way she was pretty at all.
these creatures, they never stayed long enough.

Oh, my word!
the end most creature stayed long enough to cause
this reckless blaze
But as the creature dove out he overlooked what he
loved or perhaps she thought he loved.

The blaze magnified and she got restless,
as the warmth of the fire rose.
Deep inside she pledged for aid,
but it seemed like no one ever heard or
perhaps they were unruffled

Deep inside, the candidly flowing water
isolated and hopeless, still hurting she
lingered for a creature who will be able to
blow out the reckless fire within.
A creature who'd make her comfortable
A creature who'd protect her.