The Secret Island

Pz-avatarby Yasmin Hozeil20 Nov 2019

Oh, It's that island again...
So whom should I thank for throwing me here this time?
Is it grief, remorse or pain?
This place hasn’t changed a bit except that I'm not a stranger anymore.
Mind, can you not think about the before?
I just want to lay down and enjoy the greens and peeps.
But how can I do that when someone else weeps.
Is this the part where I get curious?
The part where I start uselessly searching only to get furious?
Memories devour your soul just by looking around.
Here I tripped, and a piece of me, there, I found.
The sky is pitch black.
A tremendous stain appears on my back.
The crier calls my name.
Shit, here we go again.