Rasby Yat Tan30 May 2014

How was I wrong?
You came, confiding us to the limits of our boundary.
Being overly keen on my presence, only started to fed
your annoyance.
It was my belief.
If you could, you would, I felt it, I had come to know that stiffed air, even if you weren't there.
You wished for that chance on those thoughts to fill my
share with loathsome seasonings.
Then watch me with my young innocence, built-in defense, still respectfully, dine on your belly-full servings.
But you did not.
Not when there is that 18-yr wait and your knowledgeable
ways to help one self poison their own soul.
Damage was to be done. So she stomped, she danced, she chanted in every vacant space, sucking in my God-given air, leaving me depleted. I just couldn't bare.
But if, I disappear.
There is hope, and that chance this wicked might hush.
I'll dive out or I'll dive into another.
Into the now, we should both no longer be of exhaust.
I can finally take whiffs, still shedding this itchy sticky skin
and I can cocoon soon.
In vain, doing all the good do's trying to get something right.
Is it too late?
Cause yet, I all the way over here, with these broken insides.
Still can't catch a good breath.