The One greater than 1st second and the final seconds.

Rasby Yat Tan28 Jun 2014

Another day for living.
Up with different thoughts and changing ideas of what it should be filled with.
A second would be nice.
Perhaps one that is trustworthy.
Taking leads and knows when support is most desired. Adaptable to situations when those needs arise.
A knowledgeable maker and troubleshooter.
I knew what that was like.
Then He who knows best let him go.
I still recall the purposefulness even after 10yrs absence. But now, it ain't that way and it doesn't feel nice.
So I will have to work with what I got, me.
I will have take courage and approach these conditions. Expressing, solving, supporting, entrusting, being what others need from me.
I was given the strength to start and I can pray for more to continue.
Then I can wait upon Him and if it is His will, it shall be done.
Already believing in the One I should proceed.
Move on.
Leaving the worries of 1st and 2nd seconds behind.
Step out in faith, letting His guidance lead my final days.