Feelings a kill life.

Rasby Yat Tan05 Jul 2014

I get the feeling being driven and liking the high is not a good thing.
I get the feeling choosing to lay back way back is ultimate trust is the right thing.
I get these conflicting feelings from that lesson faith without works is a pretty dead end.
So what am I to do?
Most times I'm getting the feeling of eternal punishment every time I so much as look at a ladder.
Whose works are these?
I'm getting the feeling I am holding out for, pulling out, keeping the worst cards in my life pack, sticking them on my own forehead and the only thing I'm getting right is to guess those ugly fate.
Stay small, stay humble, ultimately it is not about me.
I don't want to feel like I'm making the choices anymore.
I get the feeling it's out of place to ask for the clearer picture with labels where the tests are located.
Am I getting it all wrong?
Confusion is so unnecessary.
I getting the feeling feelings overcomes.
Silly little me all the good cards are left.
The victory is already won and I'll have all the royalty I will need.