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Dedicated to my dying artistic expression

Incunabula of purpose.

Rasby Yat Tan07 Jan 2015

It should be.

Before secondary level my onset of interest had been introduced to be.
With the schooling it's a destined to be.
These builts are purposed to be.

Not forgoing passion needs action to be.
Needs breathe and are determined to be.
Then why loppy drives seems to be?

Convinced that it will still be.

Hopes without the expressions won't be.
That inception was realised to be.
These hands recreated what eyes see to be.

So convinced it is to be.

Life for that time the architecture be.
Sadden by failings to be.
Spreading thinner I really want it to be.

Approvals almost promised it would be.

But first, an inside awakening is to be.