Old Dreams?

Pz-avatarby Yuval Hecht15 May 2020

It was a regular Monday, May forth in the morning; Kelly woke her two children and got them ready for school, said goodbye to her husband that left for work, walked the children to the school bus, and started her way to work. She ran to the subway and hoped that she would get on time. She got inside her office a few minutes late and started to work, hours of phone calls with clients, and more phone calls with other attorneys, a regular workday without knowing when it would end. The entire week went by the same, getting her children ready to school, running to work, and hours of phone calls. One night, Kelly decided not to bring work home, and to have a relaxing night and do something different for a change, maybe to meet some friends or watch TV with a glass of wine after her children would go to sleep. Without even paying attention, Kelly did not call one friend and did not even turn the TV on, she fell asleep and woke up for another day, but this day was not like others.
Kelly woke up to a quiet morning, too quiet. She did not understand why her children were not up yet, or why they did not get out of bed. But when she got out of bed, she noticed that she was not in her house. She was in her old apartment, where she lived before Mike, and she got married. She felt a bit confused, looked at the calendar, and noticed that the date was February twenty-third, 2015, the day she had the job interview for the attorney internship. Right next to the calendar, there was Kelly's vision board that she used to make every January first, where she wrote all her dreams and achievements in life for that following year; she noticed that being an attorney was not one of those dreams on that board. On her vision board, she saw all the things that she wanted in life, to be a writer, to be a mother that takes care of her children, and to be present.
Kelly started thinking and asking herself, "What changed? Why my life is completely different? Being an attorney is not even on the board, do I want to work around the clock?" Kelly enjoyed the morning writing in her writing notebook and thought about the life she could have.
Kelly opened her eyes to realize that she was dreaming, she woke up by the sound of her children knocking on her door, waiting for their breakfast. While making the children's breakfast, Kelly decided that she wants to give the life that she always wanted a try; she went to Mike's home office and told him about her dream and how it made her feel. He could see the sparks in her eyes when she talked about writing, and even before getting the attorney job, he knew how much she loves writing. "I am with you Kelly, I know how much you love writing and how good you are at it, I am sure that you will find a different job that will make you fulfill your dream."
Kelly gave Mike the biggest hug! Called her boss and told him that she is giving him her two weeks' notice. Those two weeks, Kelly was never happier, closed all her open cases, and every night before she went to sleep, she wrote a poem or another chapter for her upcoming novel. Kelly had the time and energy to spend with her children and family; she came home in regular hours when her children were awake; she was present and never happier.