I Do

Pz-avatarby Troy Camplin27 May 2017

As sunlight slips between the shades I do
My joy and watch you sleep – with love, I do.

The love I have for you belongs to me,
A secret knowledge, wisdom which I do.

My light, my life, producing you in me
In children and in all the things I do.

I’m unified with you, in you, through you –
With you I’m confident in all I do.

My fingers slide softly across smooth skin,
And love fills every touch of you I do.

You resurrected me to a new life
And Heaven is in all with you I do.

I want to live in every jasmine kiss
From you I steal – I swear to you I do.

Such supple flesh enfolds me as I press
In close, embracing you through all I do.

My love of you in many ways had just
Begun the night I said to you, “I do.”

I celebrate the joy of all my love
For you in every thought, in what I do.

And now I slip into our room to watch
You sleep and breathe, a comfort that I do

Then we’ll wake up together and you’ll know
Your Troy will always love you, for I do.