For the love of poetry.

PoetryZoo is the evolution of poetry. A new way to write, publish and be read. To connect, read others. Manage your work. A vibrant adaptation using the latest digital tools. It’s about inspiration, stimulation; mutual respect and support. Opportunity. It’s about poetry anywhere, anytime; any device. We believe life is poetry.

PoetryZoo is a creative online environment. From your personal Workspace to your unique Poetry Window, your Poet Profile, responses or social interaction, you can be as dynamic or as still as you want. As connected or private as it takes you.

Every poet on PoetryZoo is unique; everyone is welcome and respected. Encouraged. PoetryZoo is a ‘republic’: everyone has the same facilities, workspace, display window and opportunities. Whether you write every day or weekend. Professionally or on holiday. Just on special occasions – or out of the blue. Every spare minute; year or decade. And everything in between. Maybe you write when you’re in love – or been dumped… Lonely in a dark place; or fizzing with happiness. Maybe you’ve always wanted to, but never got round to it - or had the courage… You want to write more – or do it better. To connect with other writers. Just get your stuff out there, find your audience - get your work read. Total beginners to professional poets; newcomers to lifelong writers. Any background. Any age. At PoetryZoo, we believe a poet can be anyone. Poetry is for the many, not the few.

Whatever your poetry story, PoetryZoo offers an empowering, uplifting environment. We encourage mutual respect; constructive responses - in a spirit of mutual support. We value kindness and compassion. We offer a creative digital solution to the current stifling system, whereby whose poetry gets put out there is now being judged only by a minuscule, diminishing, cluster of arbiters. We think poetry is too big: too important. That it has become curtailed; disheartening. Where even the most energetic and devoted individuals and traditional publishers cannot meet the demand; provide anything like enough opportunities to match the talent, the passion. Indeed, PoetryZoo has been founded partly in response, as a cure for, these very frustrations: so many good poets with nowhere to go, to be published, fulfilled - to be seen and read…

At PoetryZoo, we know poetry can sometimes be a struggle. That it can bring huge joy, intense elation, satisfaction and unique fulfilment, but also deep frustration, soul-stomping rejection, dejection and depression. That some days it flows, erupts: then stutters, even blocks… Before flowering and flowing once more. At PoetryZoo, you’ll find constant inspiration and support. Networks of individuals and communities who all share interests and experiences - and most of all, who all write poetry.

At PoetryZoo, we think poetry is a natural part of life. A natural human response. It has survived through the ages for a reason. Now, in the era of the internet, of increasingly smart digital tools and slick devices, fantastic opportunities blossom for poetry. Opportunities undreamt of by previous generations. Poetry is evolving. The internet age injects poetry with fresh lifeblood, electrifying it with new presence, possibilities, power and reach. Poetry grows fabulous new wings: send your poems flying through the ether with a touch. Share with everyone, or just send one to your beloved, to someone in need. For commiseration, explanation or celebration. To communicate. At times, only poetry will do. Weave a personal network. So many people, so many readers, potential friends, waiting out there. The audience is limitless.

And now you can work anywhere, anytime, on your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop. PoetryZoo adapts itself to any device. In a study that’s as big as the sky and as small as your phone. Whenever, wherever, the spirit of poetry hits you, stirs the words – trains, cafes, buses, planes – in the garden, in bed - up a mountain, in the park, on the beach, on the sofa - fishing, kissing, birdwatching – rapping, riddling, dishwashing – at your desk, in the loo, at lunch – walking and talking - just hanging out, PoetryZoo is there. Never let a good line, a brilliant idea or a great poem get away again!

We want PoetryZoo to become a vital, favourite and indispensable part of your life, your poems. It offers endless creative space - a limitless window for your work. It was founded for you – for everyone who writes and loves poetry.

The PoetryZoo Keepers

Developed with the financial assistance of the Creative Scotland Innovation Fund and innovation support funding from Scottish Enterprise