How PoetryZoo works

Create. Publish. Connect. PoetryZoo is all about writing and sharing poetry. Being read and reading. Connecting. Being inspired. Anywhere, anytime: any device. It’s easy to use...


Write, edit and save your poetry in your own personal, private workspace. Or import existing work. Wherever you are, on any device.

Each PoetryZoo member has their own personal workspace. An online study. A private, creative cocoon. Accessible from smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet. Anytime, anywhere. Here you can write and hone your poetry – draft, revise, polish. Create new work, or import existing poems (simply copy into your creation page). Make multiple drafts. Store notes, ideas, fragments, thoughts, unfinished work in your ‘drawer’. Everything is safely preserved.

Write, import or store as many poems as you like. Keep working until you’re ready to publish them in your Poetry Window.


When you’re ready, publish finished poems or whole collections in your unique poetry window. Your showcase to the world.

Your 'Poetry Window' is the place to be read. Your presentation. Your new poems — or imported existing work — will automatically be beautifully formatted to make them look their best. If you want, add an introduction to help readers get the most out of your poems – and a dedication. Tag your poems to help people find them. Add optional sound — do your own reading. Link a video.

You can display single poems and whole collections in your Poetry Window. As many as you want. Each poem or collection has its own 'Poetry Tile'. If you form a Collection, or import one, you can organise your poems in any order you want simply by clicking and dragging their Tiles into place.

Contribute poems to communal Anthologies too – there’s a host of inspiration, from world events to special days. Check out the Muse to see what’s happening. Or start one yourself!

To let people know about you and your work, you can create an optional 'Poet Profile' to go along with your poems. Share as much or as little as you choose. Pic or avatar. Who you are, what inspires you, why you write, your best lines and favourite poets. Or if you want to stay enigmatic, just use a 'Zoodonym'!

The copyright of your poems remains with you, now and forever.


Now share. Be read. Engage. Connect with PoetryZoo members and the world.

Get responses to your published poems. Discuss. Or not. It’s always up to you. Delete anything unfair.

Develop your readership. Much like Followers and Following, build ‘Readers’ and choose poets you’re ‘Reading’.

Join mutual interest Groups. Make friends, contacts... Whatever binds you – interest, experience, suffering, celebration, admiration… From cancer to Keats, parenthood to poverty; Kant or cats. Stars, spaceships, Renaissance or rap. Rhyme or Grime. Homer to Hip-Hop... Start one yourself!

Contribute poems to live PoetryZoo Anthologies – on a cornucopia of subjects. Respond to news events, special days, anniversaries, personal experiences. From birds, bombs, banks and badgers, to heartache, Hegel and hedgehogs. Anything from world affairs to weevils. Inspiration is endless… Start one yourself!

Feel the love! Give and receive ‘Loves’ for favourite poems.

Connect your social media. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, Google+ Pinterest, blogs... tweet, pin, cross-post... Get your work flying...

Email poems direct to friends, family, contacts, your beloved – with your message…

Be inspired! Check out what’s happening in the world of PoetryZoo - and all things poetry-related - in our ‘MUSE’ magazine.

Coming soon...

PoetryZoo is in constant development and we’re working hard to enhance and expand the features currently available. Here’s what we’ve got in the pipeline:

  • Activity feed

    Receive notifications when you get new readers, when people you're reading publish something new or new poems are added to your groups, anthologies, or members 'love' your poems

  • Notes & fragments

    Save notes, thoughts and ideas in your workspace as you go along