Help to nurture PoetryZoo

We want your help to make PoetryZoo grow and flourish. We’re passionately committed to PoetryZoo. We started it for the love of poetry, with 'Digital Innovation' funding from Creative Scotland, the national Scottish Arts body, and 'Innovation Support' funds from Scottish Enterprise.

Scotland, internationalism and poetry already go hand in hand – for centuries. PoetryZoo is a natural progression. An ambitious international endeavour to empower poets and poetry by using the latest digital tools. We believe that the internet offers unparalleled new opportunities for poetry – undreamt of by previous generations.

This is just the beginning. We want to go on to make PoetryZoo a fulfilling, favourite and indispensable part of your life and your poetry. We want to keep encouraging and supporting creativity. Promoting poetry; providing much-needed opportunities for poets and their work. To enhance and introduce innovative new features.

To do this, we will need to raise funds in the future. Because we will never, ever sell your personal data. As well as seeking further investment, we like the idea of a ‘subscription’ model, as used by poets in the past – surely a precursor of crowd-funding! A modest sum from each member – perhaps £10/US$15/€12 a year - would create funds for enhanced and additional features, more languages, (perhaps even the fragile languages of the world one day) — and keep the site forever free of ads, trolls and spam. What do you think?

Three ways to help PoetryZoo

  • 1. Use the site

    The more poetry on PoetryZoo, the better it will work. Join Groups; contribute to Anthologies. Comment; discuss. Engage your social media. And, of course, spread the Loves!
  • 2. Tell your friends

    The more people on PoetryZoo, the better it will work. More writers; more readers. More engagement.
  • 3. Feedback

    What do you think of PoetryZoo so far? We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions and ideas — your wish-list of anything you would like to see on the site. And, of course, let us know about any problems you’ve had. Just email